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About Bowers Lake Coffee

Who is Bowers Lake Coffee?

We are an organic coffee roasting company located outside Whitewater, WI, near the nice, albeit small, Bowers Lake.

Currently, five (Family-owned) are involved in this roasting organic coffee business, with one Master Roaster, Dave ‘Papa’ Jones, roasting his coffee for the last 25 years. We are veteran-owned and operated, meaning that 3 of us are Veterans (2 Army and 1 Navy), and the other 2 are veteran wives. In our opinion, veteran wives are just as important to the military and are genuinely under-appreciated.

About Bowers Lake Coffee WI

We started this business because we are not impressed with most of the mass-produced coffees that we see on the market today and some of the fair trade coffee in many non-roasting coffee shops and health food stores. The coffee they are selling is primarily old and stale, with a bitter aftertaste that does not please the palate.

While we have only been around since the beginning of 2018, we have big plans for the future, and you will see us around at some of the southern Wisconsin farmer’s markets, shows, and events.

Bowers Lake Coffee’s Pledge to You

Our pledge to you is that our coffee will always be 100% organic; it will always be roasted upon your order and will never sit in our shop after it is stale. Freshly roasted organic coffee will remain fresh for three weeks after roasting. It can be frozen or placed in containers with a degassing valve to maintain the freshness of the organic coffee for an even more extended period.

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The Bowers Lake Coffee family team (Dave, Annette, David, Lee, & Valerie)