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Wake up and make a great cup of Coffee, Chicago

Fair Trade Certified
Freshly Roasted upon Ordering
Organic Beans
USA Roaster
Veteran Owned

Sumatra Organic Coffee Roasted

Coffee to Start Your Day!

Chicago Neighbors, we know how important is your first cup of coffee in the morning? When you choose Freshly Roasted Organic Coffee from Bowers Lake Coffee, you’re starting the day off right. We roast our Fair Trade Certified beans to bring out peak flavor and an aroma to get you through the day.

Fair Trade Certified
Rainforest Alliance Certified WI

We Roast Organic Coffee from:

  • Java Dadar Farms
  • Bali Blue Moon
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Africa brings us one of the best-tasting coffees from the country of Ethiopia.
  • The Sidamo region gives us flavors that satisfy the palate.
  • From North and Central America, we roast Mexican Chiapas, Guatemalan, and Costa Rica coffees.
  • South America has the world’s most known coffee. Columbian,  Brazil, Peru, and Bolivian coffees.

Premimum Guatemaian FTO

Guatemalan Organic Coffee Chicago IL

This Premium hand picked, freshly roasted organic coffee cones from the highlands of Guatemala produce several of the world’s finest and most distinctive coffees. This roast features tones of dried fruit, plums, and blackberry with a round body. These coffee coops do amazing things when it comes to their coffee.

Our Recommendation:

We prefer it medium but it stands up well to a darker roast as well. Order today and taste for yourself.

Anchors Aweigh "Bulldog Edition"

Meet the BIG BROTHER, the Lifer Dog of the military, of our Anchors Aweigh
blend. Anchors Aweigh “Bulldog Edition” is a unique blend of organic
roasted coffee by Bowers Lake Coffee designed by Dave in honor of his
Naval Service many years ago. It is dedicated to my brother Allen (a
retired Navy Chief) and to the unknown heroes of the department of the
Navy, that’s right, the Marine Corps. It has a mixture of medium and
dark beans that provide a full bodied and complex cup of coffee with a
mild acidity that will take you back to your military days (without the
bitter aftertaste of foregone coffee sludge).

“Bulldog” is a bolder, darker, heartier version made to bring back the memories of your spoon dissolving in your cup. Retirees, this one is for you and it is smooth!

This highly caffeinated blend will be sure to please the Veteran in you.

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