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There are many ways to nerd out over a cup of coffee. But we want a nice, tasty cup of coffee to get us through the day. This is a simple joy! A simple and least expensive method is to make a great cup of coffee using a French press. So, let’s jump in and see what French press coffee is!

French Press Coffee Method

The Background Tale!

The appearance of the French press coffee maker can be scary the first time you set out to brew yourself a coffee. But it’s genuinely one of the most basic brewing systems, dating back to the 1850s. Its creation, according to mythology, was a lucky accident.

According to legend, a Frenchman was heating water when he discovered he had missed putting the coffee in. Regardless, he chose to add the coffee grinds to the heating water. He used a metal screen and a stick to press the screen down with the ground once they rose to the top. What was the result? It was the finest cup of coffee he’d ever had.

Discover The Mystery!

The term “French press coffee” refers to a method of brewing coffee that employs a device known as a French Press. A French press resembles a plunger that has collided with a filter. It enables you to brew ground coffee in a jar by combining the steps of brewing, pressing, and filtering. To prepare a cup of coffee, all you need is some ground coffee beans and some hot water.

To get the best flavor from pressing, accurately measure your coffee and water before you start brewing. After the coffee is brewed, you use pressure to press the ground coffee beans to the bottom of the jar, resulting in a strong, powerful, and attractive cup of coffee. In most cases, French Press coffee is made by weighing your coffee grinds to achieve the ideal ground beans to water ratio. Because the stainless-steel mesh does not filter out the small particles and natural oils, the tastes in press coffee are more substantial.

A coffee plunger is also known as a cafetière, a press pot or plunger pot, or simply a French press. Why do so many enjoy it? I suppose it’s because it replicates the cafe experience at home and produces a superb, full-bodied brew.
French press coffee isn’t just for coffee elitists, contrary to common belief. It doesn’t hurt to be one, either, if you want to get into this popular brewing process. The French press is a straightforward manual brewing method that allows you complete control over your beverage.

Bottom Line:

While a press requires more supervision than an automatic brewer, the result can be a satisfying, aromatic cup of coffee. Serve it hot or use it to infuse bold flavors into your iced coffees. This simple, contemporary brewing method will make your morning coffee considerably more refreshing, no matter how you serve it.

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