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Why do we, Bowers Lake Coffee, only roast organic coffee?

The answer is very simple. Not only is it healthier than pesticide-enhanced coffee, it tastes better. Non-organic coffee is normally grown using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Organic coffee uses natural fertilizers. After all, why do we drink coffee if not for the flavor? I know that some people simply want the caffeine that comes with the coffee but if that was the only reason then why not simply take a caffeine supplement or drink tea. Both have more caffeine than coffee but in truth, more caffeine is not always better for you.

Imagine, if you will, being overstimulated by a caffeine overdose. This creates nerve jitters, jumbles your thoughts, and keeps you awake when your body needs some relaxing rest. Now, think about your caffeine from a freshly roasted organic coffee from Bowers Lake Coffee. This caffeine is proven to be healthier for you and the lack of chemicals (non-organic coffee) is also proven to be healthier for you. Add to the fact that organic roasted coffee tastes better, then this issue becomes a “no-brainer”. Drinking freshly roasted organic coffee is the only way to drink your coffee.

Why Drink Organic Coffee?

Freshly Roasted Organic coffee

Since most people who drink coffee want caffeine, why drink organic? Is the caffeine any better for you? The answer is YES. is the caffeine better for you in freshly roasted coffee than in stale coffee? Once again, the answer is YES. Think about all those unnatural chemicals that are being used in coffee-growing by commercial growers whose only concern is the bottom line and not your health. These chemicals are known to promote birth defects, blood disorders, and many more items that your body is not equipped to process normally. We here at Bowers Lake Coffee are very concerned about our health, the health of our children, and the rest of our family. Therefore, we only roast organic coffee. Yea, the better taste is one aspect of our roasting but it is also a benefit to our business. We only wish that everything that is healthy tasted as good as freshly roasted organic coffee.


Now, you may also ask yourself if it is worth the extra cost? After all, aren’t all coffees the same? Wow, if you are asking these questions then you have never had freshly roasted organic coffee. Why do I say this? Simple: it is because it is true. Once you have tried organic coffee, you will never be happy with non-organic coffee again. This is true with coffee that is freshly roasted as well. The taste is so much better than stale coffee you find in the stores that your taste buds will thank you repeatedly with every sip.

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