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Health Benefits of Organic Coffee

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Coffee and Health:
Some Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee has been given a bad reputation for many years by the medical community because of its caffeine content. However, several studies have shown that drinking coffee in moderation (2-4 cups per day) is relatively healthy. Recent studies tracked large groups of individuals over many years and studied their coffee habits while monitoring their health statistics. Research teams have discovered that drinking coffee helps reduce Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, gall stones, cancer, liver issues, asthma attacks, and fewer suicides. They have also discovered that coffee contains four times the amount of cancer-fighting anti-oxidants as green tea.

These studies rely on drinking regular coffee that is usually stale and not organic coffee. Imagine the results of drinking coffee that is fresh as well as organic. No chemicals introduced into the coffee through the farming process and infused into every fiber of the coffee bean must be better for you than these studies show.

Bowers Lake Coffee is always freshly roasted which brings you the
healthiest and best tasting coffee available.

Organic coffee is known through recent studies to aid in weight loss, lower the risk of getting diabetes, help to maximize fitness programs, improve cognitive health, and increase liver protection. There is also research indicating that it helps prevent certain types of cancer; it also boosts our metabolism, which protects the cardiovascular system against damage.

Organic coffee is an excellent source of vitamin B. It is rich in Niacin, Riboflavin, as well as pantothenic acid. Natural vitamin B has decreased the risk of having a stroke and increased the reproduction of red blood cells.

There is a lot of information concerning the benefits of organic coffee, and more studies are currently in progress.
And don’t forget, we roast our coffee using hot air, not gas, thereby eliminating the Hydrogen Sulfide introduced into coffees roasted with gas. Why roast organic coffee and then ruin it with Hydrogen Sulfide that has to be degassed for five days before it is safe for human consumption (according to the FDA).