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What type of coffee roasts are preferred in different parts of the world?

Preferred World Coffee Roasts

Coffee is grown worldwide in the coffee belt, which is an imaginary belt that runs with the equator where weather conditions are favorable for growing coffee. There are three central regions where coffee can be grown, i.e., Asia, Latin America, and Africa. There is Australian and Hawaiian coffee as well, but it is pretty similar to Asian coffee. If you talk about coffee roasts, the most popular ones come from Latin America. Guatemala and Columbia are the two countries that you see more often. African blends are acidic, fruity, and have a wine-like taste. Latin American blends tend to be balanced, mild-tasting and light. On the other hand, Asian coffee is heavy and bold but has more sweetness and a slight acidity. It can sometimes taste a bit chocolatey. Let’s do a deep dive into what type of coffee roasts are drunk in different parts of the world.

Types of coffee and Coffee Roasts that are preferred in different countries

There are four main types of coffee roasts, including light, medium, dark roasts, and extra-dark roasts that you will find for coffee. Every other roast will be considered the sub-classification of the main coffee roast. The perfect coffee roast is influenced by geographical location, personal choice, and national preference.

Light Roast: Ethiopia

Light roasts are a little more acidic. It is generally blond in color and has a slightly more toasted flavor. That’s why; it is not roasted long enough to keep all these aspects. In Ethiopia, people like to drink coffee made with light roast beans. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and its coffee is famous for wine-like, fruity, and floral tasting notes. The dark roast can mute these flavors, and that’s why it is roasted light or medium to bring out its natural fruity and bright flavors.

Medium Roast: USA, Costa Rica, Brazil Guatemala

A medium roast is a little bit darker than a light roast. It has a more balanced flavor, but it is toasty than it is heavier (full-bodied). It also comes with a good amount of acidity. Medium roast coffee also offers you a full aroma. Kona coffee from the Hawaiian Islands is always in high demand for a medium roast and gives you a deliciously rich, pleasing aromatic, and medium body of flavor. The medium roast has medium brown color with a strong flavor profile. People usually preferred to drink medium roast coffee in the USA, which is often called an American roast. In Guatemala, people love to drink medium to full-bodied coffee that is spicy and has a complexity of taste. Similarly, medium roast coffee with a sharp acidity is popular in Costa Rica, described as having perfect balance. In South American countries like Brazil, medium-bodied sweet and low acidic coffee is drunk.

Dark Roast: Mexico

Once you get to dark roasted coffee, you are getting into less acidity which leads to heavier flavor. Dark roast doesn’t mean that it has too much-toasted flavor. Dark roast coffee has a darker color and spicy flavor. Blends mainly consist of Dark roast beans. The outcome of the dark roast is shiny black beans with an oily surface and a distinct bitterness. Mexican culture prefers to drink coffee made with dark roast beans offering a sharpness, deep flavor, and aroma.

Espresso: Italy, Colombia

Espresso is one of all the kinds of coffee in the world. Espresso is also known as short black, which is the foundation of every espresso-based drink. It is consists of only one coffee shot. It is an Italian coffee brewing method in which pressurized hot water passes through the filter with finely-ground coffee beans to create a very strong coffee shot. The boiling water is dispensed under pressure (9-15 bars, approx. 130psi – 217psi), producing a concentrated coffee shot. Espresso is quite popular in Italy, which is its country of origin. It is drunk as straight shots in Italy or mixed with other things like sugar and a little milk. In Italian, it is called caffè and Italians have it after a meal. Espresso is also typical in Colombian coffee culture. Columbia is spotted at the top when it comes to espresso. People drink it in a variety of different ways due to socioeconomic position.

Cappuccino: Italy, India, Pakistan

A cappuccino is a classic Italian espresso drink that has an even distribution of milk foam, espresso, and steamed milk. Cappuccino is what the average Italian coffee drinker orders. In Italy, people drink it before or during breakfast. They don’t consume it after 11:00 a.m. or after the meal. They don’t drink it with meals except for breakfast because it is a milk-based coffee drink and dairy content plays a lot with digestion. Cappuccino is also a popular coffee drink in tea-loving countries like Pakistan and India. In both countries, people love to drink a creamy, milky, and aromatic cup of Cappuccino.

Iced Coffee: Algeria, Italy, America, Australia, Canada

Iced coffee originated in Algeria, which is a coffee drink prepared by pouring coffee over ice. In Italy, people also drink iced coffee, but they prefer small cups instead of larger ones. In the USA, coffee enthusiasts love to drink iced coffee and find it a refreshing alternative to a steaming cup of Joe. Oat milk or almond milk is also used instead of milk. Americans also use hot brewed coffee to make iced coffee. Algerians enjoy this coffee beverage, but it is slightly different from traditional iced coffee, consisting of coffee syrup and cold water. On the other hand, Australian coffee uses sugar and flavored milk, topped with ice cream and whipped cream. With iced cappuccinos, traditional iced coffee is also a much-loved coffee beverage in Canada.

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