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The search for excellent coffee keeps on rising. Over recent years, coffee-making techniques and brewing methods have been developed. Of course, then we coffee drinkers are looking for the best way to make that perfect tasteful cup of coffee.

Over the last few years, manual brewing methods have become popular. Most coffee shops now offer at least one manual brewing method for their coffee clients. Therefore, manual brewing has become more than just a fad. Many coffee drinkers state that manual brewing tastes better than coffee makers or pod-based machines. One method among coffee lovers is the old Japanese way of brewing coffee, most commonly called the pour-over method.

The Method of Pour-Over Coffee Brewing?

This method of coffee making is about pouring hot water using a gooseneck kettle in a circular motion over the coffee beans. A filter is placed over a carafe to hold the freshly brewed coffee. You can make a great cup of coffee simple and easy. The pour-over method is why many coffee drinkers use it over their coffee machines.

In the pour-over method, everything is customizable: The coarseness of the grinds. The ratio of coffee and water. Water temperature.

Depending on one’s preference, the coffee can be made stronger. The biggest reason people choose the pour-over method is that they can make their coffee just like they like it.

Pour Over Coffee vs. Auto-drip Coffee for the best cup.

Some coffee drinkers believe a pour-over is the same as a drip coffee. I mean, both methods send hot water over the coffee grinds and drips. Both ways may produce a clean cup of brewed coffee, but the similarities stop there.

The pour-over method produces a superior kind of brew than auto-drip brewers when it comes to quality. This is because the coffee grounds are in automatic coffee machines the water is distributed unevenly. However, using the pour-over method, you have control of the gooseneck kettle, and with the circular pouring of the water, it will flow over the coffee beans equally. The pour-over method will give you a rich flavorsome cup of coffee.

The temperature of the water is also a significant part of preparing coffee. Most automatic brewing devices don’t reach the perfect temperature range. For coffee drinkers, this results in a below-grade brew. Therefore, the pour-over method is used to control water temperature better. Most gooseneck kettles come with a built-in thermometer allowing you to get to the 195-205 degree temperature. That perfect temperature is a great way to improve the quality of your cup of coffee.

A Few Other Benefits Using Pour-Over Method.

Aside from a nice flavorful cup of coffee, many coffee enthusiasts prefer pour-overs because of their simplicity. All equipment parts are easy to clean. (i.e., kettle, carafe, and filter), unlike other brewing apparatus or machines with hard-to-clean places. And unlike other coffee brewers, a pour-over station doesn’t have many parts that can break over time. It mainly consists of three items, constructed from metal or glass and used for years. It is less expensive to own a pour-over system versus electric coffee makers.

Bottom Line:

Pour-Over, French Press, Perculator, or Mr. Coffee it comes down to what you enjoy drinking.

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